Corporate Logo

Alpine’s Goals

The five stripes in our logo symbolize the five major areas of our operation and the policies to which Alpine, as a dedicated in-car equipment manufacturer, is committed. The phrase “Mobile Media Innovation” exemplifies our unwavering and ongoing commitment to pioneer the next generation of electronic systems for the automobile and enhance mobile lifestyles for all drivers and their passengers.


  • Respect for Individuality

Alpine seeks to foster the pride and enthusiasm of each employee, providing the means and opportunities for growth, and encouraging relationships built on mutual trust.

  • Creating Value

Alpine eagerly takes up the challenge of maintaining technical leadership in creating new values that will enhance the quality of human life.

  • Contribution to Society

Alpine is committed to providing superior products and thus contributing to a fuller, richer society.

The new Corporate Vision (VISION2020) has been formulated with a pledge of further growth and development. VISION2020 places an emphasis on clearly delineating our ideal vision of the future rather than simply responding to the various market changes currently taking place, while forming a powerful cohesive force throughout the company. This is because genuine reform arises from having a firm grand design and approach to take on challenges and evolutions. VISION2020 gives an overall picture and direction of Alpine’s future and will play a significant role to pave Alpine’s way.

The Corporate Message and Vision Statement

“Innovation” means to cultivate new market needs. This incorporates Alpine’s strong will to innovative value.

Alpine aims to be a Mobile Media
Innovation Company that provides you with
an enjoyable car lifestyle.

Providing you with an enjoyable car lifestyle

Alpine’s business domain of AVNCD, redefined to include the new categories of Cloud Service and Cockpit Display. The new domain will become a driving force for our vision to connect people and cars.

When we look back on the history of Alpine, we can see that the “Creation, Passion, Challenge” set of spirits that we have inherited from our predecessors is what supports the growth of the company to this day. We have established our Corporate Vision, VISION2020, and have clarified our business domains and goals. However, in order to achieve these new goals in a business environment that is changing with dizzying speed, our methods and organization must change more quickly and dynamically than ever before. So that the actions of all Alpine employees are aligned on the same vector, the critical values of “Creation, Passion, Challenge” which guide the actions of each and every employee have been clarified in the form of this action policy.